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Starstreak has been a premier technology solutions provider for small businesses in central Connecticut for over 15 years.

A Complete IT Solution Provider For Your Business

Backup and Security

Nothing is more valuable than your data, and we take safety and security of your data seriously. We offer both on-site and cloud-based backup solutions, ensuring high-uptime and reliability for your critical business data.

Networking and WiFi

We have years of experience designing, troubleshooting, and upgrading wired and wireless network infrastructure. We specialize in high-end hardware which offers excellent WiFi coverage, reliable connections, and blazing-fast speeds.

Web Development

We offer complete website development and hosting solutions. From a simple WordPress page advertising your business to a custom invoicing software which interfaces proprietary supply management APIs, we have seen it all.

Remote Access

Many offices are exploring remote work options for their employees. We offer secure Remote Access solutions with key-based and two-factor authentication, in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

Cloud Solutions

We are happy to manage hosted solutions for email and file sharing, such as Google Apps or Microsoft 365, which offer increased security and flexibility at a lower cost for most small businesses.


We provide recommendations for laptop, desktop, and server hardware which meets the demands of your business. We also repair computer hardware and build custom computers as necessary.

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